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 Me And My Guitar


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I've seen a lot of talent in my life time, and worked with some great talent since I've been in the music business! There are some that stand out as the real deal musically with their playing and their vocal. Dave Hargis is the real deal! His awesome soulful vocal is the kind that you can listen to and never tire of hearing. The power and emotion with which he delivers a song is equal to any you could bring to mind. ANY.

Dave is also one of the best guitar players that you may ever hear. His fingers are tied to his heart and soul and you can feel that from the guitar when he plays. His guitar playing is second to none! Don't ever miss any opportunity to see him live. He is awesome!!!

Doug Hunter,

Audio Consultant for:    U.S. Air Force

Tour Mgr. Front of House Eng:    David Lee Murphy, BlackHawk, Larry Carlton, Pam Tillis, Larry Stewart, Tanya Tucker, Skip Ewing, Radnney Foster, The Kinleys.

Monitor Eng/Guitar tech:   Nancy Griffith

As a fan, I found Dave to be an excellent musician and talented vocalist. His stage presence is wonderful and the interaction with David Lee Murphy electrifies the shows."                                

 Denise Roberts,                                                                                                                            

  Director of Regional Promotion, MCA Records

"Dave Hargis, as a sideman, led me on a musical journey through some of my favorite songs at a recent soundcheck. While he in essence, was "jamming", his incredible talent as a player and performer cut through the usual soundcheck bullshit. If this is an indication of what to expect from Dave's album and performances, I'll skip the usual record company freebies, and line up to buy a CD and a ticket."

Ed Harris,                                                                                                                                

Director, Oasis Country, Canada

Hi Dave,

Got the CD today!! What can I say....It's GREAT!!
I Love all the songs but there's one in particular that I really was very
Impressed with! The remake of "Everlasting Love",kinda took me back, yeah I know, that was back in the 60's and I was born in '63 but I had alot of different styles of music in my life so I'm a very open minded person when it comes to music, only kind that I hate is that BS Rapping music, makes you want to slap somebody. If I hadn't known any better I swear it was Robert Knight singing, only thing different was the Backup singers for Knight, but Dave you would of made the man proud!! No Bull! Thanks for signing the CD!


I think the CD is FANTASTIC! My favorite is "Louise Anna", it is so cleverly written...a very catchy tune performed immensely well! I also love "Me and My Guitar." Dave you are truly very talented.

I've always been very impressed with Dave's talent. I'm even more impressed now. I listen to the CD over and over and enjoy it more each time. I can't see my self getting tired of it. There isn't a bad song on it.

"Me & My Guitar" is superb! The range of styles contained on the album proves Dave's versatility as an artist. Strong vocals and a unique guitar style combine to showcase his talent and will appeal to a wide audience. "Louise Anna" is a great example of Dave's songwriting abilities, and the cover of "Everlasting Love" is not to be missed. Every song on the CD is adeptly brought to life. I highly recommend this as a must-have CD for anyone's collection.


My poor old ears have been waiting a long, long time to hear music this
good again. Dave Hargis has produced a winner and I want more!

Louise Anna

A rocking tale of love. Reminiscent of Creedence Clearwater Revival
with a blistering guitar riff that could only be pure Hargis.

Low Profile

A super bluesy rocker. If you liked the Atlanta Rhythm Section 20 years
ago (I'm really showing my age here!), you'll love this one.

Everlasting Love

Fun cover of the classic Mac Gayden hit.

Me & My Guitar

Dave Hargis at his best. Anyone lucky enough to catch David Lee Murphy's band during sound check knows what I'm talking about. Beautiful and gutsy blues/rock through and through!

Hometown Homesick Blues

The Lynrd Skynrd influence is alive and well here. I could listen to
this stuff in a smoky honky-tonk until the sun comes up!

Christine Rainwater, Certified Consulting I/T Specialist
Product Support Services
IBM Global Services

I love Dave's CD! I think the second song, Low Profile, is my favorite. I just love the rockin' bluesy beat it has. Good luck Dave! It's great!!

Hi Dave,
Just want to reiterate how much I love this CD. Can't choose a favorite as each one is so different & takes me to many places within. There's only one problem with it, not enough songs-LOL. Wishing you every success and always love seeing you out there on that beloved road! See ya soon..........Betty Lee

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