Who is he?

Is he Country, R & B, Blues, or a Southern Rock artist?
We believe Dave Hargis fits into all of those categories. Dave's talent along with his heart felt emotions gives him the ability to capture any audience simply by being who he is rather than a category someone has put him in.
Is it really fair to any artist to have to categorize themselves in one certain style of music when they are talented enough to play so many of them? Wright Entertainment doesn't think so. We are proud to represent such a talented artist as Dave Hargis. Although he is new to our company, he is certainly no newcomer to the music industry. Dave has performed for millions of people across the U.S., Canada and Europe. We feel Dave's talent as a singer/songwriter combined with his electrifying guitar work should pave him a smooth road into the future.

Dave announces his new CD "ME AND MY GUITAR", featuring his original Southern Rock/Blues song "Louise Anna."  Also included is a scorching version of the 60's Pop hit "Everlasting Love."  Graced with his fluid guitar riffs, the Blues/Rock tunes on this CD depict the aggressive style that Dave Hargis and his guitar are all about.



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